Against Drunk Drivers

Make Our Streets Safe For Our Children

Candidate Questionnaire

1. Do you support legislation for stiff penalties of drunk drivers?

2. Do you support local, state and federal legislation that would require arrested drunk drivers prove citizenship?

3. If a drunk driver is pulled over and is not a citizen, would you support that they be held for federal deportation?

4. Do you have any specific recommendations to reduce drunk drivers from being on the road in your local area?

5. Do you believe that the victim of an accident caused by drunk driving, should be compensated by the drunk driver? Comments?

6. What office are you running for? List location and party affiliation.

7. Who is your opponent(s) and what is his/her party affiliation?

8. Why would you do a better job serving the people?
In your response, you may make reference to any issue.

Send response by email to:
email clyde2 @
(Put email together without any spaces.)

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