Prepare for a referendum  

This is the main purpose, to provide a resource for those who are facing an upcoming referendum.

So you have a Liquor Referendum coming in your community. Now come the question, how do we get prepared to defeat this spread and expansion of the sale and distribution of alcohol?

It is our hope that this web-site can be a valuable resource and help improve your chances of winning the referendum or defeating local legislation.

The following sections of the web-site are designed to help you in this effort"

1) Information on previous efforts, both the successes and failures. This is useful back ground information and where contacts are available can be very useful in developing your local strategy and implementing it.

2) General information on the issue. This is a compilation of  factual material and links to additional resources. This will give you the information needed to dispel and counter the false economic and other statements issued by the pro-alcohol lobby.

3) Prepared ads and promotional material that can be down loaded and used as is or modified to your meet local requirements. This can be a tremendous time saver and allow you to take the initiative. Click here for list of available material. Contact us if you have material to add from your referendum

4) Resources for the Campaign. Opposing local legislation or a liquor referendum is a form of  political campaign. This section will provide information on friendly political resources, the knowledge and tools that you need to conduct a successful campaign and how to effectively use them. Click here.

Hopefully these sections will help you. Emery Boards, Yard Signs, Please let us Ron Paul know how your efforts end up so that you can help those that follow. Candidate Questionnaire - Click Here Against Drunk Drivers

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