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Anti Alcohol Ads
Anti Alcohol Ads

Opposing local legislation or a liquor referendum is a form of  political campaign. This section will provide information on friendly political resources, the knowledge and tools that you need to conduct a successful campaign and how to effectively use them. 

In previous sections we have covered useful background and reference material, information on previous referendums and some sample newspaper/flyer ads that can be used or modified for your campaign. In addition every campaign needs bumper stickers.

This section will list other resources to consider and some friendly sources for these items. As with all other sections we welcome your input if you have been through a campaign on this issue so that others can learn from your experience.

Politcal campaign sign - Can be an inexpensive and effective way to visually display support for your position. In many campaigns these are not used but they can give you the added exposure that spell the difference between success and failure. Christian Signs for information and a friendly source with very good pricing.

Bumper stickers - Once again an item that give inexpensive and effective display of support. Whether driving to and from work, shopping or taking the kids to soccer practice most Americans spend a lot of time driving. An inexpensive bumper sticker gives a constant and visual reminder of the issue.

Click here for friendly source with excellent pricing.
plastic signs.

The latest technology, for cheap signs campaign signs.

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